Friday, August 24, 2012

What Kills Me by Wynne Channing

 didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing (my current rating)

Thank you Wynne Channing for giving me the chance to read and review this ebook and thank goodness there were still some left for review.I loved the cover too.

“Yes,” I said, breathlessly.
“Now that I have you here all alone, what do you think I’m going to do to you?”
His voice was low, his breath cool.
I swallowed. “What?”
“I’m going to kill you.”

Axelia(Zee) a seventeen year old girl who is staying in Italy with a host family for two months to study Italian meets a boy named Paolo while trying to find her way to her host family's house. Paolo helps her find the house and they agree on seeing each other again at a pizzeria but she cant make it. So he goes to see her and convinces her to sneak out of the house. It was a great mistake and soon she will realize that Paolo wants to kill her. She tries to run away from him and falls into a well filled with vampire blood. Soon she has to face an army of vampire soldiers who were sent to take her to the empress because they believe she is an abomination. Zee now has to find a way to escape from the place they locked her in to meet her death. Zee is forced to live a life of hiding. Soon Lucas joins her and together they try to find a safe place. Thank goodness they soon will discover something that will be the end of their running but not before having to witness the deaths of some loved ones.

Paolo was the perfect guy I was really loving him. He was a total vampire prince charming. Everything was destroyed so soon. He didn't even get a second chance. : ( ooh well I'll survive and ill have to get on with life. I've got to admit I really didn't see it coming. Everything was totally different from what I had imagined.

Here is how I imagined the story going. Axelia was half human half vampire. Paolo knew that the moment he saw her. Obviously she didn't know. He would get close to her try to end her life or take her to the queen and the queen would try to kill her but he would fall in love with her and safe her. Or just how it happened till somewhere on page 83 but she would help him escape and they would fight the empress's army. But Wynne Channing's story is much better. : )

Ok so it didn't work with the first vampire lets go to the next. I guess Axelia was not a very like able person Paolo thought she was annoying because she talked too much. Lucas thought the same thing. I really liked her character she wasn't annoying at all in my opinion. I liked how strong and brave she was. I have read so many books and usually it takes a lot longer for the heroine to get some courage, some don't ever have it. Axelia's character really exceeded my expectations. This book had a lot of funny moments as well as sad and moments when I was in great panick that I was almost biting my nails. It was freaking great!

Wynne Channing wrote a well put together story. The plot was fantastic it had a little bit of everything, romance, adventure, deceptions, betrayals, including a little bit of jealousy and lots of suspense. It was also a very different book from all i've read. For example the history of the vampires, how they became to be, their gods, being able to be in a church (which it's pretty weird because supposedly they are all scared of churches from what we know), the story of what Axelia meant for their existence and the well of vampire blood.

Although I did not like some character deaths. I'm sure the author did not like it either. Im sure it was hard for her to make the decision of who to kill off, but hard decisions have to be made. I'll be reading the next book if there is one. I hope so though because I felt there would be more.

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