Friday, August 24, 2012

Not Wicked Enough (seducing the Scoundrels, #1) by Carolyn Jewel

didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing (my current rating)

The story starts with Lily Wellston a 25 year old independent and intelligent single women who is bloody rich thanks to her aunt who left Lily her fortune and house. Lily goes to give her friend  Euginia (Ginny) some company and help her cope with the loss of her husband. As soon as she arrives at Ginny's brother's house the duke of mountjoy they both feel an attraction to each other.

Their attraction starts growing after a while they start becoming intimately involved. But they try to not let it get emotionally far because Mountjoy is expected to someday marry Jane. But Mountjoy falls in love with Lily. Lily is a little bit more resistant to admitting her heart that she too loves Mountjoy because she feels that she would be betraying the memory of her deceased boyfriend Greer. Mountjoy is always feeling guilty because everyone expects him to propose to his betrothal  Jane and marry her so he  wants to end the relationship with Lily but he never does. 

Lord Fenris Lily's causin comes in the picture. Lily thinks he is there to try to threaten her to give him their aunts fortune but soon he tells her why he is there. Mountjoy doesn't like Fenris and when he discovers why Lord Fenris is there he is not very happy about it but even though he is jealous he cannot do anything about it because he feels his duty is to marry Jane.
But does Jane want to marry him?
Or is Jane already interested in someone else? Is Jane really going to be humiliated and sad if he doesn't marry her like everyone expects him to? Where did Lord Nigel (Mountjoy's brother) go when he left from bitterward?

I would've liked to know more about Lord Nigel he was very mysterious in a way and I never knew how he was going to fit in the story but I did start noticing something he was hiding pretty well from his sister and brother. Though I would've loved to know a little bit more about Nigel there wasn't much about him. I liked his character he is pretty funny, fun and sweet. Which was the reason why I would've loved to hear more about his life. There were also some times when he used to show interest for Lily but I am sure it was acting so he wouldn't get caught.

So the story started pretty good from page one I couldn't put the book down. I was supposed to be reading 2 books at a time and I did not touch the other book at all just so I could read this story. I enjoyed the book a lot it was amazing from start to end. If the next book  "Not Proper Enough" has all the steamy passionate romance like this book did it will be on my favorite historical romance shelf forever along with this book which I am certain it will. So I know I will love it.

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