Monday, May 28, 2012

The Sword and The Prophet by Missy Larae

This novel was given to me by the author of the book, Missy Larea . It is the first book I have read about syrens. I was soo engrossed into the story, the main characters were easy to like from the moment that they are introduced in the story. The author created a great story that makes you imagine it all by just putting a few details of it. I really liked the whole story. Tyler and Lily are the best charecters besides Talon who I think I am going to love lol.

I loved the bond that Rory has towards her heart I was soo interested in how beautiful that part of when the syrens find their mates is described and how their powers intensify when they find their soul. I really loved the whole story and will be waiting impatiently for the next book which I hope time goes fast so I can be able to read the next one.

So I totally recommend it to anyone. It's a really great read, you'll love it.

Thank you Missy Larea for this wonderful book! I just oved it! Can't wait for what will happen in the next one

Stalking Natalie by Skip Coryell

I won this book in a goodreads giveaway. Definitely worth the time to read it. It's an interesting plot, well written and easy to read. This story really gives you a taste of all the characters it gives you the opportunity to get to know all the charecters a little even the weirdest ones. You get the chance to read what they are thinking even if its just a few paragraphs.

Skip Coryell did an amazing job with this story. The only thing I didn't like was who the killer was it was kind of sad to find out who it was. Its sad for the reasons that anybody who reads it would be sad about too.

In less than the middle of the story you find out who the killer is, but I was puzzled, when I got to chapter 37 I started putting the pieces together and after that I couldn't sleep I had to finish reading this book. That's what In my opinion a well written book does to you.

Legends Lost Amborese by Janet McNulty

This ebook was given to me to review by the author. after reading it and reviewing it I bought the paperback book and started reading it again.


Amborese doesnt know who she really is but one night while her parents and her are sleepng they hear noise outside their house her father ask her to get inside a secret tunnel and tells her that she has to run and don't look back no matter what she hears. So she does what she is told. her parents get killed by this strangers and soon after that she discovers that she is the heir of tesnayr and has to face a evil wizard named Clymorus that wants the necklace that she has around her kneck. If he gets his hands on the necklace he will take bodily form and will have all his evil powers back, will kill Amborese, take the throne and be the king of the five lands of tesnayr. Amborese is the only person that can fight Clymorous and convince those who dont believe that she is the true heir of tesnayr.

Three thigs I liked most about the story is the beautiful pheonix I just loved the story of the pheonix and how he helped Amborese. Also the unicorns and their story as well as the story of the dragons. I really hated Clymorus and Murnok along with all their army of evil. Although I was expecting two big weddings in the end but kind of made me sad when I read the epilogue part. I liked the book anyways. It was fun to read sad and funny when bali and Sposa would get into arguments and also bali's love for food would always get him in trouble.

 I am happy I got the chance to read this book, it is a great read.

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

Everyone assumes that Anabel Greene has a perfect life. But everyone is wrong only she knows that they are wrong. She is just like any of her school mates with family problems the feeling of not fitting in and she had to deal with how life changed when they discovered her sister Whitney's eating disorder. The worst she had to go through was her biggest secret that no one knew and she didn't have the courage to tell anyone about.

Basically the story is about finding the courage to do what you have to to be happy, doing what is right, how important it is to come out with the truth about things you might think aren't that important to reveal just because it has been years since it had happened. I could definitely feel this story extremely real touching and could relate to Anabel, Clarke and Owen.

One of the characters I loved was Owen I loved his honesty and just felt like I knew him. Plus I'm enlightened just like him lol. He is just the person Anabel needed to be able to open up and he would show her how great it feels to be honest about how she really felt.

What I noticed is that Clarke was Annabel's only real friend the only person that did not cared or criticized her for what everyone thought Anabel had done. I've always thought about how hard school life is for some people most young people don't really care and act just horrible. This book really got me thinking about that more its just sad and it shouldn't be like that, sad thing is that it is.

Basically the story is about finding the courage to do what you have to to be happy, doing what is right, how important it is to come out with the truth about things you might think aren't that important to reveal just because it has been years since it had happened. I could definitely feel this story extremely real touching and could relate to Anabel, Clarke and Owen.

This book will stay with me forever. Definitely recommend it no doubt.

The Annihilation of Foreverland by Tony Bertauski

Thank you for letting me read and review this book. : )

The story starts with a boy inside a cell. He is suffering, in a lot of pain, in a cold dark place with no clothes on and water coming down from the sprinklers inside his cell but he will not give up. He will not take the needle and that is why he was being severely tortured, to get him to want to take the needle. Reed would rather suffer than be wherever the other kids that were in their cells with a needle inside the middle of their foreheads where. He didn't trust these strange old man he didn't like what they were doing to them.

The story was fascinating it took me into a whole different world I really did not expect a story like this. It was freaky, in a way disturbing, really scared me, left me kind of sad in a way and sometimes made me panic. I was always on the edge of my seat and was always thinking about going to my room to continue on reading this book lol.

Two things that I was sad about was because of Reed's end and new start. ( don't want to give out spoilers so I'll just say it like that) I felt a little bad for Sid too though he was a dumb kid that's all. Danny was a fun character for a moment I thought he wasn't going to be able to help Reed and Zin but he was much smarter than the director. Though I was sad to know about who Lucinda was but she was one of the heroes inside Foreverland.

It was a good story and the ending was good too although it left me thinking. What happened to the rest of the kids? and why didn't they get their memories back? or if Danny Reed and Zid tell them anything?Although it was obvious they didn't but it is still intriguing to me. Another thing is that the girls that were in forever land talked to the boys about another place that was just like where they were but where only for girls it didn't say in the end what that was all about so I guess the girls were just created by the director's Foreverland.

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