Friday, August 24, 2012

Blood Debt by Nancy Straight

  didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing (my current rating)

22 year old Camille has a normal simple life in California, she goes to school, works as a cashier and has a best friend named Daniel. She lived a happy peaceful life but was always missing something. She had always wanted to know who her father was. Before her mother's death she told Camille her father's name. After a few days she decided to contact him. She would have never guessed that the moment she got on the plane that would take her to meet her father would be the day her whole life would change. She will soon discover why her mother Angela never wanted to tell her who her father was and why Angela would always say her father was "magical" Camille will discover a whole new world. She would discover that some things she was taught in school were real and the dangers that her mother was trying to keep away from her. She did not know that she would be forced to pay her mother's blood dept until it was too late to escape.

I was soooo excited to read this book I usually read it around 12 a.m to like 3 a.m. It was painful to put it down because i was just soo engrossed with the story and did not want to stop reading. I've got to admit that "Blood Debt" was one of the few books that have made me cry. I was about to die while reading some parts. I was basically freaking out when I read page 365. The plot was amazing, centaurs are one of my favorite mystical creatures. It made me wish I was a centaur lol I would be able to say "let's see I want that handsome, strong guy, with those pretty big green blue eyes." ☺ but I wouldn't like to be in Camille's place. Her grandmother is a witch, what a horrible vile women she is. It was hard to imagine her being a loving sweet women to anyone. But she did act like she loved her son, probably because they were both monsters.

The story of Camille's family was wonderful. They were too good to be true. Beu, Brent, Daniel and Drake are definitely my favorite male characters. Bianca (she made me laugh so so much) and Camille were my favorite female characters. I just loved how fun they were specially Camille's brothers they never got tired, they had so much energy, were sweet and perfect gentlemen.

 I was sad the book ended because I really wanted to know what Angela meant with what she said to Camille on page 412 about Drake. I hope it isn't something bad. I hope I get to read  soon because I was left a little empty inside and full of questions. I can't wait for the next book. Fantastic work with this amazing story Nancy Straight. Oh and I bet there will be more from Daniel unless I'm wrong with who I am speculating he is. This is a book you've got to read it'll make you laugh, cry (if you are like me) you will definitely enjoy it.

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