Friday, March 23, 2012

Wither The Chemical Garden Trilogy Book 1 By Lauren DeStefano

In the future apparently they made a perfect race of children with no diseases. As a repercussion a virus is killing all of this children. Girls die at the age of 20 and guys die at the age of 25. First generations (natural humans) live for up to 80 years. While scientists are trying to find a cure for this virus people with money are buying this girls to be brides, some are put to prostitution, some get killed and some are orphans that are wondering the streets breaking into peoples houses to steal money or food.

My Review:
I always enjoy the books I read and this one was one of them. I thought this book was kind of disturbing in some parts. Cecily getting pregnant was one of those disturbing moments, its just hard to imagine how they were living, especially reading that Linden was coming out of one of his wives rooms and going over to the room of the next one. It sounded horrible. But I did like the book and the whole storyline of it was perfect because it was different. When i ended the book I was so intruigued to find out what was going to happen next with Rhine and Gabriel and if they do find Rowan (Rhine's twin). Although what I did want to know was about how the outside world and how the rest of the people were living out there hopefully "Fever" will talk a little more about that cause I really do want to know and learn more about it.

Now I am going to go into the spoilers so if you haven't read the book you can stop reading it now or continue. Whichever you'd like.


Rhine Ellery is kidnaped by Gatherers she finds herself inside a dark van with a group of girls who got kidnaped also. These Gatherers sell the girls to rich men that take them to marry them off so they can bear children with them so the population won't die.

Linden is the son of a first generation " housemaster Vaughn" Linden has no idea what his father has done and what he is doing to these girls so they won't leave their polygamist marriage. Linden thinks these girls are orphans that are trained to become wives. Rhine and two other girls are taken to a mansion where they become the wives of Linden Ashby.

Cecily who is 13 is the youngest wife, is actually very happy to marry Linden and live this luxurious life, and Rhine who is 16 has a twin brother and she wants to escape from this creepy mansion to go home with her brother. Jenna who is the oldest of them hates Linden, master Vaughn and everything else that has to do with the mansion. So Jenna has resigned and is just waiting for her 20th birthday to die. Lots of things start happening as Rhine discovers that master Vaughn is hiding things from his son and that he is her actual captor.

Rhine's plan is to gain Lindens trust and become the "first wife" so she can finally escape from the mansion. She does succeed and manages to escape with the help of her friend Gabriel (a servant) who she isn't so sure how she feels about.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dear John By Nicholas Sparks

I fell in love with this book from the start it was just wonderful. I really enjoy reading Nicholas Sparks's books he really knows how to make you fall in love with the characters. in this book. Well some of the characters I really wanted to slap Savannah lol she made me soo mad sometimes. I am such a sucker for this kind of books soo it really got into me. I wish there would've been a happy ending but at te same time I really didn't want that to happen so in a way even though John was in pain I think he was better off alone with ought that girl she really got into my nerves lol what I really hated about her was that she said she really loves him.

It makes me sooo mad though that outside of the hospital he tells her he loves her and instead of her just keeping quiet she tells him she loves him too. Tim also told John before he talked with Savannah that she still loved him. In the end John sells his father's coins so that Tim could get his treatments and live because he wanted Savannah to be happy. I really didn't like the ending because John was alone and in love with someone that could never be with him. : ( the only two good things about him meeting Savannah was that he finally did spend time with his dad before he died, he ended up bonding with him more and that he finally knew what love meant. I would totally read the book again even though I'll be sad in the process all over again lol. I really didn't like the movie, as much as I did the book. But they changed a lot of the things. I was pretty disappointed because it wasn't what I expected. The books in my point of view are better than the movies most of the time.

Message in a Bottle By Nicholas Sparks

“Nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy. Remember that.”

“This is not a goodbye, my darling, this is a thank you. Thank you for coming into my life and giving me joy, thank you for loving me and receiving my love in return. Thank you for the memories I will cherish forever. But most of all, thank you for showing me that there will come a time when I can eventually let you go.
I love you, T.”

I had watched the movie a long time ago before reading the boon I don't even remember it very much so I will watch it again. I enjoy reading this kind of books even though in the end it has me dying from crying a river.

I hate this kind of endings though. The happily ever afters are like soup to my soul lol. But I know sometimes this has to happen in books because that's how things happen in life sometimes.

Its very easy to enjoy a book like this the way Nicholas Sparks writes this books gives me the chills and is so vivid that you feel you're right there this story is one of the many that made my heart stop for a minute and it just makes you feel so many emotions. From the start of the book I could relate to Theresa a lot also to Garrett it was easy to relate to them and see things in both's perspectives. I would definitely buy the book, would read it again and difinitely recommend it is you enjoy reading romantic books.

The Forever Girl Sophia's Journey (Forever Girl Series #1) By Rebecca Hamilton

Thank you soo much Rebecca for sending me this book. I enjoyed every page of it. Just what I love reading.

Here is my review:

I extremely enjoyed this book and I will totally recommend it to people that love to read fantasy, romance, paranormal and anything that falls in the vampire paranormal category. Totally love that and if you like that I recommend this book to you!

I don't want to give spoilers so ill try my hardest on not giving any spoilers out.

Sophia is just a normal girl that lives in a small town called Belle Meadow where she is not excepted because she is a Wicca, the people in the town think she worships the devil. All because of Mrs. Franklin's accusations a crazy old church lady.

Her life starts changing short after she goes to Club Flesh with her friend Ivory that's where she meets Charles and soon after a terrifying event she meets Adrian the reason why she had excepted to go to Club Flesh in the first place. She wanted hoped Adrian would have some info on how to get rid of the voices instead she gets introduced to a whole new world of crours (vampires), elementals, witches and much more.

I was never expecting the book to be about witches, I thought it was only about vampires, really got a surprise there. Was far better than I imagined it would be I really fell in love with the characters as related so much to Sophia. It was breathtaking every time Charles and Sophia where together. I can't say anything else with ought putting any spoilers I just loved how Rebecca Hamilton put all this book together I liked how everything from Ivory's life and everything from start to finish was connected even way before Sophia was born. Really really loved the book and I will be waiting for the next The Forever Girl Sophia's Journey (Forever Girl Series #1)

Requiem for a Redneck By John P. Schulz

  didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing (my current rating)

 My friend John P. Schulz sent me this book to read it. When I first got it I set it aside for a while and I didn't read it right away. It wasn't because I didn't want to read it, its just that I couldn't find the time to read it, and that was a big mistake cause when I read it I really enjoyed it.

This is definitely a great book I enjoyed reading it, really felt like I could relate to each character in the book and one funny part is that I would sit there and read the book and read it like as if I was the one talking. It is pretty funny but when I like a book I have to read it like that.

I just love how John delivered this book the story is just captivating once you start reading it you don't want to put this book down at all. There are ups and downs in this book and there were times when I couldn't stop crying I could relate to John to Harce and to Louann they all went through hard times at some point emotionally and economically louann went through a physical hard time as well.

In a way I was pretty sad about what happened after Louann's marriage, to Harce's life, it kept me sad and pondering about how hard it must've been for him and how Harce could've done things differently to stop that from happening so yes this book is still in my head and when books get inside my head they must be amazing good reads. I extremely recommend this book you will not regret reading it. You would really relate to all the charecters if you had gone through the things like they did.

Two of my favorite stories from the book chapter 9 Shorty and chapter 10 Louann they were both pretty funny in a way and sad in another.

The Lucky One By Nicholas Sparks

I really loved this book fell in total Love with the story. Enjoyed every part of it. I liked how Nicholas Sparks made everything fall soo perfectly well in place.

First the story starts when Logan meets Keith Clayton I really didn't pay much attention to that guy cause I wasn't thinking he would ever see him again but then later in the book as they talk more about Elizabeth it just hits me that Keith was her ex husband and father of her child. I knew there was going to be trouble because of their encounter in the start of the book. Anyways Logan sets off to find a women from a picture that he found when he was in the army because his best friend Victor had told him that it was his destiny to meet the women in the picture. Logan finds her and starts working for nana at the kennel Elizabeth's grandmother.

At first Elizabeth doesn't like him but her son starts liking him and soon she does too trouble starts when Keith her ex husband comes to drop Ben off and notices Thibault (Logan) he leaves all mad and full of questions on why Logan was there. So Keith Clayton notices that his ex is starting to get in a relationship with logan and he tries to run Logan out of town. But Logan is smarter and doesn't let Keith separate him from Elizabeth.I really love this book I didnt think it would have a happy ending when I was in the few last pages. For a moment there I was crying expecting the worst but I was soo happy when I read the last page and then all that rain and gray clouds disappeared from my head. I enjoyed this book from begging to end I didn't like it very much that victor died but other than that it was great. 

There was a part on the book that really made me laugh and and say what an idiot, it was when Logan is having a conversation with Keith tells him he knows that Keith was the one who was scaring all the guys who Elizabeth would try to get into a serious relationship with.He tells him that he wants him to stay out of Elizabeth's business or something like that and Keith says who's Elizabeth?He was married to her and he didn't know her real name lol. 

I really want to watch the movie I fell in love with the book and the story, even though most of the time they change the movies a whole lot and they leave me a little dessapointed I have seen the preview and I am very interested in watching it. Though, for me books are always better. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Vow By Kim And Krickitt Carpenter

I started reading this book after seeing the trailer, When I went to watch a movie and when I'm interested in watching a movie especially that is inspired by true events, I always want to read the book first.

When I started reading this book I started thinking about how hard this must've been for this couple to overcome all of the adversities.

The first most painful things were when Kim had to see his wife stuck to a bed not knowing wether she would live or die, and right when you think he's about to lose his faith in god and not be able to overcome this big challenge, he does. In my point of view I feel like he had the most challenges to go through and hardest times, I can't even imagine his pain when his own wife didn't even remember him. I was taken back by his perseverance, for wanting to stand beside his wife through all the storm and great challenges he was facing.

Truthfully I haven't met and don't think I will ever meet someone that will give their all for someone and go through anything like this people just give up and run away. But I hope there are people like that even though I am pessimistic about it.

Although Kim went through a difficult situation, I just cannot imagine how hard it was for Krickitt Carpenter to not have any memory about her husband and forget ever meeting or falling in love with him. I cannot imagine her pain cause that must be so hard for someone. Let alone learning how to walk, talk, hold a fork, dress up or anything like that its so heartbreaking to have to go through all of that. Amazingly they never lost their faith in god.

Anyways it was a great true story, heartwarming, it shows how important having faith was, for Kim and Krickitt Carpenter. You would really enjoy reading this book if you are a religious person and also if you like reading books based off of true events.