Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Claus Legend of The Fat Man By Tony Bertauski

  didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing (my current rating)

400,00 years ago the elven colony lived in peace in a huge palace made of ice But it all changed when Jack decided to take over. When Jack was born he was different from his brother Claus. For a while he tried to be just like his brother to fit in but he was still not normal. He would often seclude himself from all the other children and liked the darkest places. He liked to be in the cold and soon he would change into "the cold one." his plan once he took over was to end the humans. To kill all the humans(warmbloods) in the world. His plan only needed one thing to take fly. He needed to capture a warmblood. 150 years after the colony ran away from their homes the Santa family decided to have an adventure. They decided to go where no other human would ever go, the north pole. Their adventure soon turns in to the most dangerous one they ever had. When they feared of dying frozen or of starvation was nothing compared to the danger they would be in.

This was a very unique, compelling, original story that I enjoyed reading till the end. Who would've imagined that we didn't discover some of the technology we have, right? As I was reading the book I had to stop and say where did the author get this???? Seriously, there were a lot of things that I had not heard at all, ANYWHERE. I haven't even seen it in movies and believe me I have seen a mega load of Christmas movies. When the Christmas movie season comes, my sisters detest me because I am stuck to the hallmark channel, the lifetime channel and abc family. Just about any channel that has any christmas related shows and I have not seen a movie that has the things that Tony Bertauski put in this book. I Freaking loved....... Everything.  

Cane was my favorite elven. He was just so sweet I just wanted to hug him. I was waiting for this part after the terrible tragedy and I was so happy Tony Bertauski did write this moment in detail  on page 532. It was beautiful and made me cry all the way to page 536. I love it when an author includes the seeing each other again, a momment of expectation and excitement in detail. 

I liked Rudy's story and how different he was from the rest of the reindeer. He was stronger, faster and braver. The way Tinsil said that Rudy was loyal to Claus and how sad he was because Claus wasn't with them was enough to let you know how  important he would be later in the story. But of course Rudy is always important. He is my favorite in every movie. 

Also how frosty and the other abominables were created. What they were needed for was awesome and sounded very logical to me. 

I will be re-reading this book during the Chrsitmas season. I'll probably have sort of like a day for everyone to sit around and listen to the story. Or maybe so no one will kill me. I'll read it to my girls before bedtime around December. You don't have to be a Christmas crazy like me to love this book. Anyone will love this book even if they/she/ he don't like Christmas, I can assure you that.

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