Friday, April 20, 2012

The Road To Glory By Brianna Headen

Very short but with a strong power. Written exactly to make an impact in those who read it and understand completely what the author wants you to know about a life with faith and god in your heart.

I had heard about a couple of things that were talked about in this book some of this I had lived myself. I could identify to Alica and Naya I strongly believe what the author has said about their choices specially when she said that first you had to fall in love with god have him in your life guiding you and that he will send you the right person for you, another one that I know is very true is that a person is with the wrong person but still they do not get the courage to get out of that horrible life for all the wrong reasons and until they leave that life, they will find peace and god will help them through it.

It was a very sad book a little strong like Shannon's life, Janie and her sister's life. All they had to go through is so sad but it was wonderful they found god forgiveness and peace once again. Really learned a lot more and encourage people to read this story. It's short but with a strong message.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Wraith's Forest By L.J. Leger

Jenna a 16 year old was chosen to go to the forest where there is a tree called the tree of providence this tree is said to be magical it ripes magical fruits that are prepared by the wizard of the valley, his purpose with that is to keep the balance in the valley but no one knows the real reason why he needs part of the fruits for and the real reason why he send Jenna to go in the forest to ask the wraith for the magical blade to supposedly fix the fruit that was damaged.

A very interesting story even though it was a short story it was a great one. It was very different from all the beauty and the beast versions and very original. It was a very easy read and really didn't want to finish reading it because I knew it would end. : ( I was glad she went in the forest because she got to know the wraith and I just love beautiful love stories like this one. Though it's sad it was a short story.

Thank you for this beautiful story! : )

Zed (Zed Trilogy) By Stephen Herfst

Zed is just so different from the rest of the zombies he is smart and is almost like a human, except for his color and that he can't die by getting shot unless it's on the head.

It was a total new story for me. Seeing the story through a zombies eyes and reading about his adventures ever since he met Chase was pretty fascinating and entertaining. The only thing I didn't like was that it ended but I know there will be a continuation with more adventures and the end really left me wondering what will happen next and I have my questions on that last paragraph that hopefully the author will explain a little more in the start of the next book.

It is a good read it's sad, funny, fun, entertaining, keeps you reading, a new story it was really unique and rare to find. You will definitely enjoy it. I would totally love to see a movie like this book too! : )

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bookended By Beauty Queens By Victoria Marshal

This book was amazing its not what I had expected I thought it was going to be a total different story it was extremely better than what I had imagined it would've been about. Didn't expect anything sad in this book, even though I couldn't stop reading it I was in the verge of closing the book because I didn't think I could take what started happening after Howie's party. I was extremely appalled by the way the family of Val starts acting when he need them the most. Their actions were the worst I just don't understand how they could've done all of that to their own son. This book really got to me. It makes you cry, laugh and get mad (at Angie's sisters and Val's family)

You have to read Bookended By Beauty Queens, it is beautifully written, great plot, and good charge gets that you would just love. This is definitely a book that will give you another way of seeing things from another perspective. Really recommend it and it's definitely a re-read for me.

The Faithful One By Michele Chynoweth

Extremely recommend reading this book, its a beautiful story, it is easy to understand what Seth Daniel Jacobs is going through, you put yourself in his shoes and feel the pain when he was sad, when he cried you cried with him and when he was happy you would feel happy. It is such a touching story I struggled a lot keeping my tears inside because sometimes it was just not bearable. It is a pretty sad book Seth went through a very hard times in his life but then everything starts getting better. Its a very compelling story the characters are very likeable except for Maria who I really didn't like because she didn't help Seth at all instead she hurt him so much more when he needed her the most.

I was taken aback because Seth never lost faith he did started questioning god and he was close to losing faith but he didn't, somehow things or at least one thing would get better and he tried hard to find god to know why bad things were happening to him. This could happen to anybody when they are on the top of the mountain, anyone can really start seeing things from a different point of view after reading this book it is a very touching story.

The Last Song By Nicholas Sparks

Quote: “Mom says it's because she has PMS.
Do you even know what that means?
"I'm not a little kid anymore. It means pissed-at- men syndrome” ( lol Jonah he was the funniest)

“Sometimes you have to be apart from people you love, but that doesn't make you love them any less. Sometimes you love them more.”

Another book that really touched me and will be one of the many I will definitely re-read. It was in a way a heartbreaking story. Yes I do cry if the books have anything sad in them. It's just impossible for me to read it without feeling a lump in my throat and I just can't help it.

It's really beautiful to have that feeling though, to me it means the author really put his whole energy and spirit to make a great story. Thats the best part of it when it gets to you and you really feel all of the emotions the characters are feeling.

The best thing about this stories is when you really get to know the character not just by when they talk to others but also when the author decides to give you a little bit of their story and get into their thoughts, to me it's just so intriguing, mysterious and just love it when authors decide to put you through the "thought" experience like I call it. This book had that in some chapters. I really really really adore when there are endings like this one. It was amazing how Ronnie changed so much throughout the book, and that she noticed how important music was for her and used the talent she had instead of avoiding it.

So read this book if you are into romance stories, a little bit of laughter, have a box of tissues on hand to wipe away your tears and after all that a happy ending will leave you extremely satisfied.

Angel Evolution By David Estes

So I finished reading this book in just 2 days, really see the record here lol. I had not expected a story like this.

Samantha was a character I hadn't seen before in any books I read. She was a cheerleader and pretty yet she was not stuck up. She also really took everything Christopher told her about the real story really good.

Tay ( Taylor) was supposed to be like a leader. After meeting him she started changing becoming more needy of him. I know we girls do that a lot but it kind of made me feel uneasy on how blind she was to his every lie without doubting him. Sometimes she would get me mad which is unusual I usually love the main characters. Gabriel was a liar, Even though he wasn't very good at first, it was understandable how confused he was throughout the book as soon as his feelings started getting in the way. Even though in the end he did put everything aside just to help, although he couldn't avoid what was coming to him.

Chris was great, I really liked him a whole lot. He seemed to have patience all the time and even if things didn't go right he would be calm about it and find a solution. Really enjoyed reading about his character.

Hopefully Gabriel will be better in the 2nd book I will read it soon. Because i am anxious to know what will happen to Gabriel, also i want to read a little more about the demons history because there is still a question that was left unanswered which is how they got their name and what parts where true of the Demons history from the stories that Gabriel told Taylor. I hope David Estes wrote a little more about that in the 2nd book. Can't wait to read the 2nd, hopefully I can buy it soon. Thank you david for giving me the chance to read this amazing book.