Sunday, April 1, 2012

Angel Evolution By David Estes

So I finished reading this book in just 2 days, really see the record here lol. I had not expected a story like this.

Samantha was a character I hadn't seen before in any books I read. She was a cheerleader and pretty yet she was not stuck up. She also really took everything Christopher told her about the real story really good.

Tay ( Taylor) was supposed to be like a leader. After meeting him she started changing becoming more needy of him. I know we girls do that a lot but it kind of made me feel uneasy on how blind she was to his every lie without doubting him. Sometimes she would get me mad which is unusual I usually love the main characters. Gabriel was a liar, Even though he wasn't very good at first, it was understandable how confused he was throughout the book as soon as his feelings started getting in the way. Even though in the end he did put everything aside just to help, although he couldn't avoid what was coming to him.

Chris was great, I really liked him a whole lot. He seemed to have patience all the time and even if things didn't go right he would be calm about it and find a solution. Really enjoyed reading about his character.

Hopefully Gabriel will be better in the 2nd book I will read it soon. Because i am anxious to know what will happen to Gabriel, also i want to read a little more about the demons history because there is still a question that was left unanswered which is how they got their name and what parts where true of the Demons history from the stories that Gabriel told Taylor. I hope David Estes wrote a little more about that in the 2nd book. Can't wait to read the 2nd, hopefully I can buy it soon. Thank you david for giving me the chance to read this amazing book.

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