Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Faithful One By Michele Chynoweth

Extremely recommend reading this book, its a beautiful story, it is easy to understand what Seth Daniel Jacobs is going through, you put yourself in his shoes and feel the pain when he was sad, when he cried you cried with him and when he was happy you would feel happy. It is such a touching story I struggled a lot keeping my tears inside because sometimes it was just not bearable. It is a pretty sad book Seth went through a very hard times in his life but then everything starts getting better. Its a very compelling story the characters are very likeable except for Maria who I really didn't like because she didn't help Seth at all instead she hurt him so much more when he needed her the most.

I was taken aback because Seth never lost faith he did started questioning god and he was close to losing faith but he didn't, somehow things or at least one thing would get better and he tried hard to find god to know why bad things were happening to him. This could happen to anybody when they are on the top of the mountain, anyone can really start seeing things from a different point of view after reading this book it is a very touching story.

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