Monday, April 16, 2012

Wraith's Forest By L.J. Leger

Jenna a 16 year old was chosen to go to the forest where there is a tree called the tree of providence this tree is said to be magical it ripes magical fruits that are prepared by the wizard of the valley, his purpose with that is to keep the balance in the valley but no one knows the real reason why he needs part of the fruits for and the real reason why he send Jenna to go in the forest to ask the wraith for the magical blade to supposedly fix the fruit that was damaged.

A very interesting story even though it was a short story it was a great one. It was very different from all the beauty and the beast versions and very original. It was a very easy read and really didn't want to finish reading it because I knew it would end. : ( I was glad she went in the forest because she got to know the wraith and I just love beautiful love stories like this one. Though it's sad it was a short story.

Thank you for this beautiful story! : )

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