Friday, April 20, 2012

The Road To Glory By Brianna Headen

Very short but with a strong power. Written exactly to make an impact in those who read it and understand completely what the author wants you to know about a life with faith and god in your heart.

I had heard about a couple of things that were talked about in this book some of this I had lived myself. I could identify to Alica and Naya I strongly believe what the author has said about their choices specially when she said that first you had to fall in love with god have him in your life guiding you and that he will send you the right person for you, another one that I know is very true is that a person is with the wrong person but still they do not get the courage to get out of that horrible life for all the wrong reasons and until they leave that life, they will find peace and god will help them through it.

It was a very sad book a little strong like Shannon's life, Janie and her sister's life. All they had to go through is so sad but it was wonderful they found god forgiveness and peace once again. Really learned a lot more and encourage people to read this story. It's short but with a strong message.

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