Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bookended By Beauty Queens By Victoria Marshal

This book was amazing its not what I had expected I thought it was going to be a total different story it was extremely better than what I had imagined it would've been about. Didn't expect anything sad in this book, even though I couldn't stop reading it I was in the verge of closing the book because I didn't think I could take what started happening after Howie's party. I was extremely appalled by the way the family of Val starts acting when he need them the most. Their actions were the worst I just don't understand how they could've done all of that to their own son. This book really got to me. It makes you cry, laugh and get mad (at Angie's sisters and Val's family)

You have to read Bookended By Beauty Queens, it is beautifully written, great plot, and good charge gets that you would just love. This is definitely a book that will give you another way of seeing things from another perspective. Really recommend it and it's definitely a re-read for me.

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