Friday, March 23, 2012

Wither The Chemical Garden Trilogy Book 1 By Lauren DeStefano

In the future apparently they made a perfect race of children with no diseases. As a repercussion a virus is killing all of this children. Girls die at the age of 20 and guys die at the age of 25. First generations (natural humans) live for up to 80 years. While scientists are trying to find a cure for this virus people with money are buying this girls to be brides, some are put to prostitution, some get killed and some are orphans that are wondering the streets breaking into peoples houses to steal money or food.

My Review:
I always enjoy the books I read and this one was one of them. I thought this book was kind of disturbing in some parts. Cecily getting pregnant was one of those disturbing moments, its just hard to imagine how they were living, especially reading that Linden was coming out of one of his wives rooms and going over to the room of the next one. It sounded horrible. But I did like the book and the whole storyline of it was perfect because it was different. When i ended the book I was so intruigued to find out what was going to happen next with Rhine and Gabriel and if they do find Rowan (Rhine's twin). Although what I did want to know was about how the outside world and how the rest of the people were living out there hopefully "Fever" will talk a little more about that cause I really do want to know and learn more about it.

Now I am going to go into the spoilers so if you haven't read the book you can stop reading it now or continue. Whichever you'd like.


Rhine Ellery is kidnaped by Gatherers she finds herself inside a dark van with a group of girls who got kidnaped also. These Gatherers sell the girls to rich men that take them to marry them off so they can bear children with them so the population won't die.

Linden is the son of a first generation " housemaster Vaughn" Linden has no idea what his father has done and what he is doing to these girls so they won't leave their polygamist marriage. Linden thinks these girls are orphans that are trained to become wives. Rhine and two other girls are taken to a mansion where they become the wives of Linden Ashby.

Cecily who is 13 is the youngest wife, is actually very happy to marry Linden and live this luxurious life, and Rhine who is 16 has a twin brother and she wants to escape from this creepy mansion to go home with her brother. Jenna who is the oldest of them hates Linden, master Vaughn and everything else that has to do with the mansion. So Jenna has resigned and is just waiting for her 20th birthday to die. Lots of things start happening as Rhine discovers that master Vaughn is hiding things from his son and that he is her actual captor.

Rhine's plan is to gain Lindens trust and become the "first wife" so she can finally escape from the mansion. She does succeed and manages to escape with the help of her friend Gabriel (a servant) who she isn't so sure how she feels about.

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