Friday, November 30, 2012

Meeting Destiny by Nancy Straight

What was one of Lauren's normal night shift turned out to be the start of a very hard path. It all started that night when she felt something wasn't right as soon as she saw a suspicious man that alerted every danger alarm in her body. Somehow Lauren knew that if she didn't do anything something bad was going to happen. She knows she needs to take her friend Melissa out of harms way and she does. She tries to deal with the guy but things get out of hand. Lauren hadn't noticed what happened until her supervisor called the ambulance. It all happened so quickly. The paramedics arrived and that is when she looks into those eyes that have been in her dreams for four years. She meets her destiny, the guy who has been in her dreams for so long. Her whole life changes after that. In many good ways but also she will be face to face with evil. Lauren has to fight for her love, for her loved ones lives and for her own life. An evil being that wanted to end her life as soon as it discovered her gifts wants to kill her has been following her, watching her. He felt that she could be a threat. Lauren does not know she is in danger but soon she will. That evil has captured her so now she needs to fight. She needs to take control of her life and get her life back to the path that she was meant to follow.

It was so unfair, Lauren got a really hard life. She cant even spend a little time in peace with Max. Just when it seems everything will be ok something happens. I was so mad and sad for Paul. poor guy I really liked him. That whole chapter was killing me : (

What first caught my attention when I saw this book on Nancy's page was the title, then I read a few comments from her followers and I also couldn't resist that cover. The color of the cover is just so lovely I just had to read this book. I also knew it would be a great read and I was not wrong. It was an easy to read story, I felt I flew through the pages it had very clean originally unique plots that fell nicely with the story to make it even better. Nancy is very good at keeping me on the edge of my seat. I was going crazy when I wasn't even half way through the book lol. Truth is after I had finished reading this book I couldn't sleep I wanted to start reading "Destiny's Revenge" right away but I couldn't download it so I just downloaded the sample and read those first 30 pages then when I was done with it I couldn't sleep thinking about it. Thank goodness I was able to download it so I can keep reading to see what happens. I really am loving this story so far too just like I had enjoyed "Blood Debt" I really hope I won't have to suffer much with this second book but by the title of it I think there will be suffering.

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