Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Delta Legend By Kelan O'connell


didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing (my current rating)

Calvin Pierce and his childhood friend Rashawn Fontaine successfully hot wired a Cadillac from an impound yard. With a few complications but they managed to get away. They thought they had made it with no problems but then they were stopped by a police car. Lucky for Calvin the judge let him get off easy and he decided to let Calvin's mom decide what she would do. Calvin's mom decides to send Calvin off to the Delta where he will be helping his great uncle Samuel Diggs in his repair shop. Calvin thought he would be arriving to a very boring town where nothing exciting ever happens but soon after his arrival he will discover the Delta is not as boring as he thought. He will be face to face with a very old creature who the few people that knew about it believed the stories of the creature to be folklore or simple stories told to scare children.
Better late than never! I won this ebook on Laura's blog a little while ago( quite a little while) I hadn't been making much time to read. Everyday is a busy day for me so I really haven't been reading much. But I decided since for me October means halloween I decided to finally read Delta Legend because it sounded like a good story to read around this time. It's the first time I have read a book where there has been so many important characters with very interesting stories and background. So I cannot decide who was my favorite character because all of them were interestingly fun. Though Calvin Mei Li and Jess made me laugh a whole lot more Burt, Gladys and Ray were very fun characters.
 I love the water when I was little my mother had a hard time keeping me away from the water. I was always sneaking out and the place where my mother will always find me at was at the river that was a block away from my house lol. I still love the water but I have read so many books, heard stories and now I am a little scared of getting inside rivers or things like that. Freaks me out a little to think about what might be deep inside the water. Doesn't stop me from getting in the water but I will not get far in lol. After reading this book I'm very scared I will always be thinking about this creature when I see water. To me the scariest thing was when Calvin was in the water and he had no idea the creature was in there. For a moment I thought he was going to get eaten.
Delta legend will keep one in the edge of one's sit, it engrosses you in the story, it is easy to read, it is entertaining, will be hard to put down, has realistic characters each perfectly introduced in a few pages with entertaining stories, it will make you laugh, neatly put together and neatly written a really fun fun read. I give it five stars. A GOOD READ.
Thank you Kelan and Laura for the giveaway I am happy I won this book and to finally get to read it. : ) great job with this interesting story Kelan O'connell.

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