Monday, November 26, 2012

Dexter in The Dark (dexter #3) by Jeff Lindsay

It is an ordinary day in the job of a blood splatter expert. Dexter is called to a crime scene when he arrives something about the crime scene forces his dark passenger go into hiding. Dexter seeks for answers, what made his dark passenger hide? Where did his dark passenger go and how could he get him to come back. 
Will he have to live a simple life with-out his dark passenger? 

Now I know why ShowTime didn't make the kids (Cody and Astor) as interesting in the show as they were in the book. In this third book we get to know Dexter a little more. We get to know what, where his dark passenger came from and who Dexter would be with ought his dark passenger. 

What I liked the most about this 3rd book was seeing a whole new Dexter being scared of almost everything almost having some kind of feelings. It was in so many ways funnier too. I couldn't stop laughing in some parts of the book. I was a little confused though when the story started going more to the supernatural side. At first I was a little confused by that but as I kept reading I thought it was pretty good though the idea of seeing dexter stupefied by the music he heard calling him wasn't very fun (I just dont like seeing Dex defeated by anything.) Even with a few little things I wasn't totally loving I still liked the plot and enjoyed reading Dexter in the Dark. It has pretty good dark humor and really love that dexter does not make mistakes like in the show.

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