Friday, November 30, 2012

Best Camp Counselor in the World By Mike Ronny

This book was given to me by the author Mike Ronny. Thank you Mike I really enjoyed reading this book. : )

First I want to say that Ken and little Catherine were my favorite characters. Ken is just so freaking fun and funny. He made me laugh so much at times, specially the way he was described in the book by Eddie. It made me laugh so hard. Catherine is a smart little girl and super friendly. It almost made me cry when she was saying goodbye to Eddie. She was just adorable. One of the funniest part was when Catherine and Donna were having a conversation with Eddie about relationships and them wanting him to meet their gym teacher, that whole conversation was so funny.

So the story starts with Eddie and Janie discussing Eddie's trip to Little Lobster Camp. Janie does not want Eddie to go but it would be Eddie's seventh year as a counselor and he is very excited to go again. When eddie is at the camp he meets Erika (who is not shy at all). Everything is fine for Eddie until he sees King Morrissey. A bully he knew from high school. Eddie was scared of what King would do to him if he would see him because his last encounter with king wasn't pretty and he was afraid king would want to fight him or worst, beat him up. In the end Eddie learns what matters most. He will learn to value what he has and that the one bad decision he was going to make would break one of the best things he had in his life. Funniest thing is that he learns this from the person he would least expect would help him open his eyes. He will learn that winning a contest is not as important as being appreciated and having a good impact in a kid's life. This was a fun short book that anyone will enjoy, remind one to value what one has and reflect on the things we want to do before we do them.

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