Monday, November 26, 2012

I Love You to Death by Natalie Ward

The worst thing in the world that could happen to someone is to loose a loved one. It is something no one ever wants to think about specially if you feel whatever happened to that loved one was your fault. 

Asha is just a normal girl trying to live a normal life. She wants everything everyone wants everything every person desires. A family, friends, to love, to be loved and for once just once that she won't loose those closest to her. Asha feels it is impossible to have a normal life. She has lived in fear after loosing everyone she loved specially after loosing the last person she had left, after loosing the love of her life. She feels she has nothing else left to live for. Everything changes when she finds the letter Sam had left for her. Asha still wont let anyone in she keeps to herself but no matter how much she tries to keep Luke away he will not give up because from the moment he saw her he wanted to make her happy. From the moment he saw her he never wanted to loose her.

I always enjoy a book that can really come to life. "I love you to death" did that. The characters were real, the plot perfect, nice flowing words and fantastic description of what was happening. The playlist was an AMAZING touch too. All the songs were perfect for all the chapters and of course they are all my favorite songs. It is funny cause all but 5 songs are in my iPod playlist. They just fall perfect perfect for every chapter. Really made me get the chills. 

What I loved the most about this book and all the books I read is when they can make my soul fly out of my body, dance, float around and jump with happiness. The feeling that this books give me is amazing. I cannot explain at all as much as I try. But i'm sure everyone feels them too when they bump into the pages of a great book. Including the goosebumps when those certain parts come to life. Those goose bumps are one serious deal that I can only feel with reading AWESOME stories like this. A million of applause for Natalie Ward. 
I have to admit that for a moment I wanted to just stop reading this book, my view was so so blurry sometimes. My eyes hurt, my head, and even my brain hurt. I couldn't make that knot in my throat go away. I have read quite a few books that make me cry in some parts but this book either made me cry of happiness or sadness but it always managed to squeeze a gazillion tears out of me. Already had expected the worst but loved the ending. "I Love you to Death" did not disappoint me. I was once again a happy reader and once again cried of happiness. A must must read and a must must re-read really recommend it. You will love this book. Just have a clenex box close by, you will need it. 

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