Thursday, December 6, 2012

Adopt an Author, Review of Soemthing Witchy by AJ Myers & Giveaway

Giveaway Time

I am so happy and excited to have joined this amazing event at Young Adult and Teen Reader where we adopt an author. I chose to adopt AJ Myers author of the new series
 "Something Witchy" Mystics & Mayhem. For the next 15 days I will be promoting her like crazy. it would be great if you guys can help me by going to her amazon page like it, tag, and buy her book. All or one of those things you can do so everyone will know about this author will be great. If you guys are interested in participating to show the love for this authors they will apreciate you adopting one of them. This is an amazing way to help debut authors and to show how much we apreciate their hard work.

Amazon Book Description:


My name is Ember Blaylock. Welcome to the World of Weird—better known as my life.

It wasn’t always like this. I was once a normal high school senior, just filling out college apps and trying to stay sane long enough to get out of Moonlight, Missouri. Preferably before I ended up in a straight-jacket out of sheer boredom.

At first, my only problems were my increasingly unwanted ability to see the dead and my desperation to remove the stalker known as my ex-boyfriend from my life. Somewhere along the line I must have pissed off the Bad Karma Fairy. Maybe I stepped on the wrong toadstool or peed in Loki’s personal swimming pool—I really don’t know. All I do know is I’m about to have the worst week of my life. Maybe the worst week of any teenager’s life. Ever.

All because of a dead guy.

From the second pale, too-hot-to-be-real Nathan Ashley stepped out of the wreckage of his mangled sports car, my life spiraled into complete and utter chaos. One minute, I'm quasi-normal, the next I’m being kidnapped by a vampire, I’m having weird, creepy powers sprout up out of nowhere, and I’m running from a demon who wants to get more familiar with my anatomy…or kill me. Again. Yeah, did I mention he's done it before?

Anybody know if those straight-jackets come in pink?

My Review:

Wow Something Witchy has climbed the charts to my favorite books. No words can describe how perfect this book was. Believe me this has nothing to do with A.J. Myers being my adopted author. This book was perfect from cover to end. There was absolutely nothing in it I didn't like. It was easy to read, easy to fall in love with the story and the characters. The details and descriptions of what was going on in the story made me imagine it all like as if I was right there watching it happen in front of me. With that said A.J. Myers took a vampire story to a whole new level of extraordinary, nothing like I've read about vampires before with a new spice to it. AJ's got a new fan dying to read more and more of this series and more of her work to come.

After a conversation with her parents which did not go so well, getting a speeding ticket and getting Saturday school detention Ember Blaylock was really not in the mood to have to deal with Jack the stalker. Jack has been Embers friend since third grade. After going on two dates all of a sudden Jack thinks he owns her but she wants nothing to do with Jack. Just when she thought her day of hell was over Jack was ready to follow her car after school. With help from Kim and Blake she leaves unseen by jack but as soon as she thinks they got away from him. Ember sees jack's car behind the sports car that is behind. Not paying much attention to the road more distracted with trying to get away from her stalker Ember crashes into the sports car that had gotten right in front of her and had stopped in the middle of the road. It all happens so fast....... From that day on Ember's whole life changes. As if seeing ghosts wasn't enough she will discover a whole new world where witches, vampires, ghosts and demons are very very real.

The drama between Nathan and Ember, the romance between the two, their adventure, the kick ass action, those moments of horror and all the twists made a really amazing story that I am certain will engross everyone into the story completely making the person forget about everything else while reading this book. Do I recommend it? Hell yes, you won't be disappointed. 

                             About the Author:

AJ Myers lives in her own little world—but, according to the IRS, she actually resides in Arkansas—with her husband, who she loves more than life, her four amazing kids, and a crazy cast of family and friends who are perpetually keeping things interesting for her.

I have a BIG BIG favor to ask, if you guys LOVE reading and enjoy reading Paranormal Romance check out AJ Myers's book here and push like on her amazon page.
it would be wonderful if you go and support her by friending her at her facebook page.

Facebook If you would like to add AJ's book in your goodreads TBR list:

If you buy A.J. Myers's book Please comment below with your order # so I can enter you in a $10 gift card of your choice and a swag package that will include: A thermal mug, a Norwegian coffee mug and a tote bag all signed. I will have this giveaway when this event ends.

 I will enter all those who bought her book and liked her facebook page and or liked her
amazon page.


Morrigan Aoife said...

What a really good idea, I hope you and your adopted author have a lot of success.

Juana said...

Thank you Morrigan. Thanks for stopping by.:)

Patches said...

D01-9294549-9705341 Something Witchy (Mystics & Mayhem) [Kindle Edition]
By: AJ Myers
Sold By: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Loved this book and waiting for book 2 impatiently

Stacy Sews and Schools said...

WOW!! Awesome giveaway!!! I LOVED Something Witchy! You adopted an great author! ;)

Juana said...

Thank you for entering : ) it was an amazing book. I already bought "Something Wicked" I'm so excited. I'm loving it already. : )

Juana said...

: ) Yes she is so awesome super nice. i'm so happy to be hosting this giveaway. It's so easy to fall In love with her work. I'm happy you loved the book it is a great one.