Saturday, June 9, 2012

Don't You Forget About Me (Pam of Babylon #2) by Suzanne Jenkins

In this second book of Pam of Babylon series things get worst. This three women that were a part of Jack's life are finding out more and more things about him that are not surprising them anymore.

What I can't understand at all is why Pam is still saying that she needs time to grief, I think in some way she's still in denial about most of the things he did. Marie starts what she thinks is a relationship but later in the story she finds out Jeff just wants her as a friend. Sandra gets in what she thinks will be a relationship but then to the end of the book things turn out different. It is sad how this women are always going to be connected by what Jack left them with to deal for the rest of their lives. One of the person's I really disliked was Bernice that lady is the worst. If I was Pam I wouldn't stand the lady and just sell the place or whatever because that lady doesn't seem like she'll ever change and has no feelings at all she cares only for those who didn't deserve it at all. She will keep stepping on Pam and I extremely hated it when she had that confrontation in the car when they were going to eat. Bernice really got in my nerves. I think this is the saddest of all the books it scares me too I don't think I could live happy after something that terrible and I think there will be more depressing and shocking news to come to this three ladies.

Lots of things came to the surface in this 2nd book that made me think about Pam's children and Anne's I hope Suzanne Jenkins answers all my questions in the last book that I will start reading as soon as possible.

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