Monday, May 28, 2012

The Sword and The Prophet by Missy Larae

This novel was given to me by the author of the book, Missy Larea . It is the first book I have read about syrens. I was soo engrossed into the story, the main characters were easy to like from the moment that they are introduced in the story. The author created a great story that makes you imagine it all by just putting a few details of it. I really liked the whole story. Tyler and Lily are the best charecters besides Talon who I think I am going to love lol.

I loved the bond that Rory has towards her heart I was soo interested in how beautiful that part of when the syrens find their mates is described and how their powers intensify when they find their soul. I really loved the whole story and will be waiting impatiently for the next book which I hope time goes fast so I can be able to read the next one.

So I totally recommend it to anyone. It's a really great read, you'll love it.

Thank you Missy Larea for this wonderful book! I just oved it! Can't wait for what will happen in the next one

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