Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pam of Babylon (Pam of Babylon #1) by Suzanne Jenkins

    Pam had a normal life. She is a mother and a wife. Her life was nothing out of the ordinary until the day her husband died. She started realizing and opening her eyes to what was really going on around her. Pam's husband Jack was hiding pretty big secrets from her and lived a triple life. There were dark secrets that would soon come to reveal themselves, some involved his siblings and a very strong one that involved his sister-in-law.

I was shocked as I kept reading I was hating this guy (Jack) how he got away with all the things he did and at the same time I was thinking that maybe it'll all turn out to be a lie. But no, Jack was a possessive man. He had his wife mistress, and his sister- in -law and controlled them with ought them noticing with everything he did and said to them. He knew he would have them in his control afraid to speak for themselves. But Pam discovered how strong she was after he died. She also met Jack's mistress Sandra who would later have a very strong bond with and it seems that Pam, Sandra and maybe Marie who right now hates Sandra will make a really strong relationship.

In a way it was unbelievable that Pam would forgive Sandra but she does and then she does forgive her sister. It also didn't sound like she hated Jack but instead she would say poor Jack quite a few times. This book seriously impacted me, it was just too much to take. It truly gave me a headache (a good one) lol. I do recommend it. I do not assure you you will like it because not all of us like the same books. We all have different tastes but it was a good read to me.

Thank you Suzanne for letting me read your books. :)

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