Monday, June 25, 2012

Left Neglected By Lisa Genova

Sarah Nickerson has three kids, Lucy, Charlie, and Linus. She is a very successful women, works for a strategy consulting firm as the vice president of human resources.

Every day is a battle for Sarah as she tries to balance herself to be with her kids and husband and also have to be at work when needed. She often wishes she could have some time to relax from her busy life but she gets a downtime she did not dream of having. Sarah suffers a severe accident that causes some brain damage and completely changes her life. The good thing about it was that she got the chance to get to know her mother again, get to connect with her and know why her mother was not there after her brother's terrible death.

Also all her big life changes give her the opportunity to realize what really matters and to get to know herself as well as get closer to her husband.

It was a lovely story I couldn't wait to be able to continue reading it. Lisa Genova did an amazing job with this book. I learned a lot and it got me thinking so much about life.

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