Monday, June 25, 2012

Dream Lover by Suzanne Jenkins

Everything in the 3rd books different from the rest, it started out with stories from different people that Jack was having sexual relationships with. Most of those people that were in his life really thought he was insane. I also got the feeling that some of them hated him. Pam has to go through a lot more hard times and embarassment first because she gets visits from some og this people and because she discovers that two employees from her favorite store know about her AIDS so she is forced to tell her kids before anyboy else tells them.

Pam discovered a whole lot more about Jack and his secret life (not so secret anymore). I don't know where she gets all that strength and patience after knowing mostly everything about him. Lots of things happened with Sarah and Tom, Mary and Steve and I really did not in a million years would have expected detective Andrews reaction when Pam told him the truth. But the good thing is that she finds a real person that seems to be a really nice guy.

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