Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Lucky One By Nicholas Sparks

I really loved this book fell in total Love with the story. Enjoyed every part of it. I liked how Nicholas Sparks made everything fall soo perfectly well in place.

First the story starts when Logan meets Keith Clayton I really didn't pay much attention to that guy cause I wasn't thinking he would ever see him again but then later in the book as they talk more about Elizabeth it just hits me that Keith was her ex husband and father of her child. I knew there was going to be trouble because of their encounter in the start of the book. Anyways Logan sets off to find a women from a picture that he found when he was in the army because his best friend Victor had told him that it was his destiny to meet the women in the picture. Logan finds her and starts working for nana at the kennel Elizabeth's grandmother.

At first Elizabeth doesn't like him but her son starts liking him and soon she does too trouble starts when Keith her ex husband comes to drop Ben off and notices Thibault (Logan) he leaves all mad and full of questions on why Logan was there. So Keith Clayton notices that his ex is starting to get in a relationship with logan and he tries to run Logan out of town. But Logan is smarter and doesn't let Keith separate him from Elizabeth.I really love this book I didnt think it would have a happy ending when I was in the few last pages. For a moment there I was crying expecting the worst but I was soo happy when I read the last page and then all that rain and gray clouds disappeared from my head. I enjoyed this book from begging to end I didn't like it very much that victor died but other than that it was great. 

There was a part on the book that really made me laugh and and say what an idiot, it was when Logan is having a conversation with Keith tells him he knows that Keith was the one who was scaring all the guys who Elizabeth would try to get into a serious relationship with.He tells him that he wants him to stay out of Elizabeth's business or something like that and Keith says who's Elizabeth?He was married to her and he didn't know her real name lol. 

I really want to watch the movie I fell in love with the book and the story, even though most of the time they change the movies a whole lot and they leave me a little dessapointed I have seen the preview and I am very interested in watching it. Though, for me books are always better. 

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