Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Vow By Kim And Krickitt Carpenter

I started reading this book after seeing the trailer, When I went to watch a movie and when I'm interested in watching a movie especially that is inspired by true events, I always want to read the book first.

When I started reading this book I started thinking about how hard this must've been for this couple to overcome all of the adversities.

The first most painful things were when Kim had to see his wife stuck to a bed not knowing wether she would live or die, and right when you think he's about to lose his faith in god and not be able to overcome this big challenge, he does. In my point of view I feel like he had the most challenges to go through and hardest times, I can't even imagine his pain when his own wife didn't even remember him. I was taken back by his perseverance, for wanting to stand beside his wife through all the storm and great challenges he was facing.

Truthfully I haven't met and don't think I will ever meet someone that will give their all for someone and go through anything like this people just give up and run away. But I hope there are people like that even though I am pessimistic about it.

Although Kim went through a difficult situation, I just cannot imagine how hard it was for Krickitt Carpenter to not have any memory about her husband and forget ever meeting or falling in love with him. I cannot imagine her pain cause that must be so hard for someone. Let alone learning how to walk, talk, hold a fork, dress up or anything like that its so heartbreaking to have to go through all of that. Amazingly they never lost their faith in god.

Anyways it was a great true story, heartwarming, it shows how important having faith was, for Kim and Krickitt Carpenter. You would really enjoy reading this book if you are a religious person and also if you like reading books based off of true events.

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