Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Forever Girl Sophia's Journey (Forever Girl Series #1) By Rebecca Hamilton

Thank you soo much Rebecca for sending me this book. I enjoyed every page of it. Just what I love reading.

Here is my review:

I extremely enjoyed this book and I will totally recommend it to people that love to read fantasy, romance, paranormal and anything that falls in the vampire paranormal category. Totally love that and if you like that I recommend this book to you!

I don't want to give spoilers so ill try my hardest on not giving any spoilers out.

Sophia is just a normal girl that lives in a small town called Belle Meadow where she is not excepted because she is a Wicca, the people in the town think she worships the devil. All because of Mrs. Franklin's accusations a crazy old church lady.

Her life starts changing short after she goes to Club Flesh with her friend Ivory that's where she meets Charles and soon after a terrifying event she meets Adrian the reason why she had excepted to go to Club Flesh in the first place. She wanted hoped Adrian would have some info on how to get rid of the voices instead she gets introduced to a whole new world of crours (vampires), elementals, witches and much more.

I was never expecting the book to be about witches, I thought it was only about vampires, really got a surprise there. Was far better than I imagined it would be I really fell in love with the characters as related so much to Sophia. It was breathtaking every time Charles and Sophia where together. I can't say anything else with ought putting any spoilers I just loved how Rebecca Hamilton put all this book together I liked how everything from Ivory's life and everything from start to finish was connected even way before Sophia was born. Really really loved the book and I will be waiting for the next The Forever Girl Sophia's Journey (Forever Girl Series #1)

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