Sunday, September 9, 2012

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter By Seth Grahame-Smith

  didn't like it it was ok liked it (my current rating) really liked it it was amazing

After Abraham Lincoln's father told him the truth about his mother's death Abraham sought to kill every vampire in the world, starting with the one who killed his mother. He was trained by Henry Sturges (a vampire) who saved him from dying in the hands of an old vampire women. Henry made a deal with Abraham that he would help him find vampires who deserve to be killed.

I totally fell in love with Henry he was so awesome I just completely loved his character. He was so mysterious and was a loyal friend to Abraham. The way of how Henry became a vampire was really interesting and helped me understand why he was helping Abe.
Also Abe's friends Lamon, Jack and Speed were my favorite human characters. What I hated is all the terrible times Abe lost a family member or a loved one. It was so sad I wouldn't had been strong enough to still be standing after losing so many loved ones.

Sadly I had a like and dislike relationship with this book. If I say love and hate it would make me feel more terrible than I already feel. Truth is I feel a little disappointed in myself. I had been waiting to read the book for so long and I have to give my not too good review.

Though I enjoy reading about Abraham Lincoln. For as long as I remember I was more interested in his history and enjoyed learning about him in my history classes. But I had a little of a hard time with this book. Seth Grahame-Smith did a great job with this book, it was written really well, the plot was great too. But sometimes I just had a difficult time getting into the story. I felt like in a lot of the parts it was a little slow. Sometimes when I would read it I was feeling like it was taking forever. Then I would get to a really good part and I'd be anticipating to read more and see what would happen next. I loved it when there was action. I really enjoyed the end it was very exciting and at the same time sad because of Abe's demise but what happened after that made it a great ending.

My rating is just about what I thought and felt about the book. Only my opinion. You might love this book or not like it. We all have different opinions. I was in between.

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