Monday, September 17, 2012

Resident Evil: Retribution Review

The story picks up right where it left off in the last film Resident Evil: Afterlife. Alice (Milla Jovovich) and the few survivors were on a ship thinking they had survived and won the war. All of a sudden they see the helicopters coming, shooting and one of them crashes on the boat making Alice jump off of the boat falling unconscious in the water. As always expected Alice wakes up but wait..... not in another umbrella facility. This time she wakes up in a nice cozy bed with a different hair look her husband getting ready for work. Everything seems normal she's in the kitchen with her daughter and husband then suddenly they get attacked by zombies. Alice runs with her daughter while my poor Carlitos is getting infectected by those ugly zombies. Alice and her daughter manage to escape. Then Alice wakes up again and this time she's in an umbrella facility on the floor.

One of the few things I love the most is watching movies. I love all kinds of movies though not so much funny movies but there are a few I do enjoyed watching and would watch again. Resident Evil: Retribution is one of those movies I had been waiting for so long to watch and it was worth the wait. Yes there were a few things that left me wondering what had just happened. There was also a few things that really didn't make sense to me but even with those tiny little problems I still enjoyed and loved Resident Evil: Retribution. 

I had been waiting for Resident Evil: Retribution for quite a long time now mostly because of Carlos (Oded Fehr) and Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts) they are two of my favorite characters. What can I say I am fair lol. I like to have a balance between good and evil so I like one of the good guys and one of the bad guys. But I had not expected the good guy to be totally bad and really didn't like that Wesker had only a few scenes. I was pretty happy too to see Luther(Boris Kodjoe) he was one of my few favorites in Resident Evil Afterlife. Though I wasn't happy at all with what had happened to him either. Seriously what was the director thinking when killing or turning some of my favorite characters bad. I do got to say it was nice seeing them again. 

I had gone to watch a couple of movies in 3D but I really didn't think they were worth my money. One of those movies was Ghost Rider although it wasn't a bad movie I didn't feel there was enough 3D experience to get from it. But in Resident Evil: Retribution there was a lot of flying objects and three dimensional fire besides a few gigantic axes, knifes and even empty bullet cartridges popping out of the screen. One of the most fascinating things to see again was the ugly big creatures that always manage to scare the hell out of me. I had never liked playing the Resident Evil games. My brother has a few of them but the few times I tried playing I would get so scared I would just go ahead and run. So I don't know many of the characters in the video games. I only know Chris Redfield (which does not exist in the movies), Sheva Alomar (which does not exist in the movie) and Jill Valentine. There were a few new characters I didn't know but heard about them before watching the movie. Leon (Johann Urb) and Ada Wong (Bingbing Li) were part of the rescue team send by Wesker to get Alice out of the Umbrella facility. Although I did like the movie I thought the plot wasn't convincing. There were a lot of loopholes that left me thinking. Specially Wesker's reason to be on Alice's side does not make sense at all to me. At first he wanted to turn all humans into ugly creatures and flesh eating zombies and now he is all wanting to stop the evil red queen from doing pretty much the same thing. It all sounded fishy to me but no one will know what the real deal with that is until the next movie comes out. Overall I still enjoyed all the action. Alice kicking ass breaking zombie's necks, bullets being shot everywhere and amazingly the good guys surviving that, while the undead and bad guys are dropping to the floor dead. To me all of that made it worth watching. Now to see what the next resident evil will bring. 

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