Monday, May 28, 2012

Legends Lost Amborese by Janet McNulty

This ebook was given to me to review by the author. after reading it and reviewing it I bought the paperback book and started reading it again.


Amborese doesnt know who she really is but one night while her parents and her are sleepng they hear noise outside their house her father ask her to get inside a secret tunnel and tells her that she has to run and don't look back no matter what she hears. So she does what she is told. her parents get killed by this strangers and soon after that she discovers that she is the heir of tesnayr and has to face a evil wizard named Clymorus that wants the necklace that she has around her kneck. If he gets his hands on the necklace he will take bodily form and will have all his evil powers back, will kill Amborese, take the throne and be the king of the five lands of tesnayr. Amborese is the only person that can fight Clymorous and convince those who dont believe that she is the true heir of tesnayr.

Three thigs I liked most about the story is the beautiful pheonix I just loved the story of the pheonix and how he helped Amborese. Also the unicorns and their story as well as the story of the dragons. I really hated Clymorus and Murnok along with all their army of evil. Although I was expecting two big weddings in the end but kind of made me sad when I read the epilogue part. I liked the book anyways. It was fun to read sad and funny when bali and Sposa would get into arguments and also bali's love for food would always get him in trouble.

 I am happy I got the chance to read this book, it is a great read.

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